The secret to beauty sleep?


Awhile ago I was gifted with a little product from this works, a skincare company I really like, it’s ethos is clear and simple. Great products, using natural actives that do what they say – and actually work.

Yet when I was handed this product, I have to admit I was sceptical. How could this work? How can this little roller ball help me sleep more deeply and feel less stressed? Is this little product the secret to living a london lifestyle?

Whilst by no means do I think this is a magic potion, it has delivered. I rolled it on to my temples and pulse points as directed and breathed in the natural active aromas of lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense. At first I thought this won’t do anything… But I just closed my eyes and breathed in and out and soon found myself drifting off. When I woke up it was from my alarm. I hadn’t woken in the night. Not once. I felt like I’d had a weekend sleep.

Now the reason why I haven’t posted about this product straight away was to see if it stood the test of time. When I first used the product I was dealing with a super stressful situation and hadn’t been sleeping at all. So I felt that I needed to assess using it for a longer period.

Now a few months in, I have stopped using it everyday but when I do use it I notice a difference and tend not to wake in the night. It really does work!

So what’s inside this little rollerball wonder? Refreshing Eucalyptus which is renowned for boosting your physical and mental fatigue like a sensory cleanse and reinvigorating. Frankincense essential oil which helps you relax both physically and mentally whilst acting as an antiseptic to help fight infections, it also works at rejuvenating the skin so you look replenished when you wake. Last but of course by no means least, Lavender Oil, which most of us know is the most effective oil in helping hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia.

Since trying this, we are all now heading into the festive fast lane and the wonderful this works Christmas collections are now on shelf. I would say if this post makes you think of anyone you know, gift them this product. I was gifted this and it’s been one of the best gifts I have had. Giving the gift of better sleep? Surely that’s at the top of everyone’s secret letter to Santa?

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less £12
This Works Dream Team £10

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Great skin just a sleep away

If like me you have all the best intentions of getting gorgeous, radiant, youthful skin but somehow never have the time to invest in a full on skincare pamper fear not… Here are just a few of my top picks to work skincare miracles all while you sleep, so you can wake up to gorgeous glowing skin (if only all problems were that easy to solve!)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Skin Recovery Complex

I have been using this little brown bottle a couple of years now and I am addicted. This Multi Award Winning repair serum is inspired by DNA research and works to help restore and repair your skin, it is a great anti irritant (which is one of the top reasons I started using it) making it perfect for more sensitive skin too. Best used every night to repair past damage, protect and hydrate skin.

Elemis Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

Oxygen for your skin? Yes we don’t just need to breathe it we need it to help our skin glow and aid regeneration. This fab cream also speeds up night time skin recovery to counter the effect of sleep debt and daytime stress, its a true multi tasker as it also helps to plump the skins natural collagen for younger looking skin too – perfect!

Guerlain Midnight secret

The lifesaver… if you’ve been out the night before and you know you need a proper sleep to have a fresh faced, no bags look…think again! This is eight hours sleep in a jar! Yes girls this is the answer to those cheeky nights out. Sssshhh it’s our little secret

Dior Capture Totale Multi Perfection Nighttime Soft Peel

This is a little gem of a product, put simply it’s a face peel you can sleep in to gently renew your skin, it brings a whole new meaning to beauty sleep. Its no rinse formula makes it super easy and you can apply your usual night cream on top!

Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Night Health Bedtime Face Cream

I’ve never been a big advocate of the Dr Andrew Weil for Origins range purely as I wasn’t taken by the aroma of the first collections – however I like to think of this as a hidden gem because as you drift off to sleep, this magic cream with St Paul’s Wort simply eases away tense skin and visible lines. It really seems to clear your dead skin cells plus, one of my favoutite things about it is that it’s filled with 100% natural camomile & lavender oils to relax your mind and body for a great night sleep too!

Bliss Fat Girl Sleep

Night time skincare is not just for your face – Fat girl sleep from the spa guru’s Bliss creates a sleep-friendly environment with lavender whilst sacred lotus flower gets to work on the four causes of cellulite: fat storage, fat burning, water retention and slackened skin. Anything that blasts cellulite while I sleep gets my vote!

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist

This is my little secret wonder spritz, this is a heady aromatic mix of Jujube date extract, camomile and essential oils – literally 1 spray on your pillow or Pj’s and your eyes get heavy – it’s brilliant for when you fall out of a sleep pattern or find yourself unable to sleep easily. Keep it by your bed for easy spray and sleep! Don’t be tempted to use more than 1 spray its potent stuff and 1 spray is really all it takes!

Top wake up tip…

After all that replenishing sleep wake up your skin with Clarins Super restorative Wake Up Lotion – the skincare step for beautiful skin even first thing in the morning. It eliminates puffiness and sleep marks, no need to wash off just apply to a clean face and follow with your usual moisturiser and make up!