A Thank You on Mother’s Day : Look Good Feel Better

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, striving hard to promote a sense of wellbeing and happiness that comes from feeling your best. A result from the purchase or first wear of a new lippy, a foundation that lasts all day or a lash curling mascara. Even a sultry scent. Somehow however it always seemed an ethereal feeling to try and evoke and conjure. This feeling, almost a self gratification or inner confidence that a bit of war paint seems to bolster in us. For me this is nail polish, if my nails are glossy, chip free I feel I can take on the world. Polished.

The meaning and in fact need for this was solidified for me today.

The reason? Look Good Feel Better, a charity I have worked with and supported in my decade in beauty. However, it isn’t until a charities work is personal to you that it really hits home. I’m sure it can even seem a bit trivial – a charity devoted to bringing beauty and makeup tips to Cancer patients. But it really isn’t.

My mum is undergoing Chemo for Breast Cancer for the second time in her life. The first 20 years ago. This time I’m an adult. I have more knowledge. More feelings. It’s harder. 

My mum is tough, she’s a terrier. One of those amazing women you wouldn’t want to short change as she’ll tear you to pieces. She’s hard working, still working and running an allotment in her sixties. I’m sure she thinks she’s still in her twenties sometimes.

But this evil disease has fought its way back and I know she’s scared. We are all scared. The other week she had to choose a wig, a horrendous reality of what is happening. My mums hair has always been a look don’t touch zone. Always perfect, always cut, coloured and styled. The knowledge of losing it is hitting hard. Suddenly the reasoning of those mothers and daughters who shave in solidarity makes some sort of sense to me. Not a route we will be taking but I suddenly get it. 

However in this gloomy state of affairs, there’s a spot of light. The amazing volunteers at Look Good Feel Better visited her during her Chemo treatment. Totally unbeknownst to me. Along with the nurses they helped her find a wig as near to her current look as possible.

Then today they phoned her. They have arranged some beauty treatments and workshops for her in a spa. I’ve not heard her so excited in months. She’s got appointments other than Cancer treatment appointments she’s looking forward to and think about. Helping her with makeup, such as what to do with her eye brows during treatment. Giving her products and guidance on what to use and how to boost her confidence in her new appearance. This simple charity reach out programme has so much more significance now. It really is true that if you Look Good, you do Feel Better.

No it’s not going to make the cancer go away but it gives a chance of normality. A day, an hour, a feeling of being you again. So this post is dedicated to the amazing work of these volunteers and charity teams. It has redefined the importance of my role in the beauty industry and made my mum feel more confident and like ‘her’ as she tackles this. 

So please, do click here to find out more about Look Good Feel Better.

To donate to this charity click here to go to their just giving site.

Just £5 will find a confidence kit for another Cancer patient like the one shown here, this is the kit my mum received and is over the moon with. She couldn’t wait to show me what she had learnt. 

This is my brave mum, smiling in her new look wig. This lovely charity is helping boost my mum’s confidence and made her feel great today on Mother’s Day. 

Thank you. 

This weeks #SundayNails gets cosy with Essie Cashmere Bathrobe


This week I’ve been romping around the Cotswold countryside, so being warm and cosy was high up on my list. With that in mind what other #SundayNail shade could I choose than the gorgeous new Essie AW13 trend shade Cashmere Bathrobe.

Like most girls I love cashmere and most of all love feeling Snuggly ideally with a big mug of hot chocolate in front of a log fire too. Today’s photos also feature my favourite cashmere blanket with fur edging. It has sadly been attacked by moths over the years but it can’t be beaten on the snuggle factor.

So I chose to add a touch of neon to the look inspired by my love of this blanket and lift the dark grey. This is a really intense yet slightly shimmery grey. The texture is quite watery so did make application on the harder side especially with dark shades, two…

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The secret to beauty sleep?


Awhile ago I was gifted with a little product from this works, a skincare company I really like, it’s ethos is clear and simple. Great products, using natural actives that do what they say – and actually work.

Yet when I was handed this product, I have to admit I was sceptical. How could this work? How can this little roller ball help me sleep more deeply and feel less stressed? Is this little product the secret to living a london lifestyle?

Whilst by no means do I think this is a magic potion, it has delivered. I rolled it on to my temples and pulse points as directed and breathed in the natural active aromas of lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense. At first I thought this won’t do anything… But I just closed my eyes and breathed in and out and soon found myself drifting off. When I woke up it was from my alarm. I hadn’t woken in the night. Not once. I felt like I’d had a weekend sleep.

Now the reason why I haven’t posted about this product straight away was to see if it stood the test of time. When I first used the product I was dealing with a super stressful situation and hadn’t been sleeping at all. So I felt that I needed to assess using it for a longer period.

Now a few months in, I have stopped using it everyday but when I do use it I notice a difference and tend not to wake in the night. It really does work!

So what’s inside this little rollerball wonder? Refreshing Eucalyptus which is renowned for boosting your physical and mental fatigue like a sensory cleanse and reinvigorating. Frankincense essential oil which helps you relax both physically and mentally whilst acting as an antiseptic to help fight infections, it also works at rejuvenating the skin so you look replenished when you wake. Last but of course by no means least, Lavender Oil, which most of us know is the most effective oil in helping hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia.

Since trying this, we are all now heading into the festive fast lane and the wonderful this works Christmas collections are now on shelf. I would say if this post makes you think of anyone you know, gift them this product. I was gifted this and it’s been one of the best gifts I have had. Giving the gift of better sleep? Surely that’s at the top of everyone’s secret letter to Santa?

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less £12
This Works Dream Team £10

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Shimmer into autumn

The leaves are falling and the air is cooling so with that in mind an extra bit of shimmer is just the thing for this weeks Sunday Nails.

I did a massive haul at Olympia Beauty last weekend and am so pleased with this new purchase from OPI. Is Up close and personal your shade?